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Tow Truck Near Me in Tucson, Arizona

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If you are looking for a tow truck service near Tucson, Arizona, you’re in luck! There are lots of towing companies and services available offering various options such as roadside assistance, vehicle recovery, emergency towing, flatbed towing and car towing.

Key Takeaways

  • Towing companies in Tucson, Arizona provide 24/7 assistance for vehicle breakdowns, car accidents and illegal parking.
  • Flatbed tow trucks offer the safest and most cost effective way to transport vehicles without wear and tear on tires ,with low clearance they are able to navigate even tight places.
  • Wheel lift tow trucks with a wheel lift and hydraulic pulley system make them ideal for navigating difficult locations such as shoulders or narrow driveways; they can also help with heavy duty hauling jobs.
  • Tow truck companies can provide jumpstarts, lockouts, fuel delivery etc in addition to providing transportation services.

When To Call A Tow Truck In Tucson, Arizona

When your car breaks down due to mechanical problems, has been in an accident, or needs to be towed for illegal parking, you should call a tow truck in Tucson, Arizona.

Vehicle Breakdowns

Vehicle breakdowns can happen anytime and anywhere due to engine or battery issues, faulty parts, weather conditions, and other factors. In Tucson Arizona, if you have any roadside emergency issue like a car malfunction or lockout then you should always call a tow truck for help as soon as possible.

Towing companies like the Department of Transportation offer 24/7 tow truck services in Tucson that will take care of all your problems including on-site repairs as well as provide structure repair options.

Opting for tow truck assistance is not only faster but also safer than attempting to fix the problem yourself.

Car Accidents

Getting into a car accident can be stressful and overwhelming, no matter the severity. In Tucson, Arizona it is important to stay calm and assess the situation for any immediate safety concerns before calling a tow truck or other assistance.

Contacting law enforcement as soon as possible can help ensure everybody’s safety and wellbeing; after that, many roads in Tucson offer emergency response services from professional tow companies.

It is important to choose an experienced tow company with reliable vehicles like flatbeds or wheel lift trucks that are capable of transporting cars safely over long distances if needed.

Additionally these companies may provide additional services such as jumpstarts, lockouts, fuel delivery etc., without having to call another business.

Illegal Parking

Illegal parking in Tucson, Arizona makes up a large number of tow requests by both private entities and law enforcement. This typically includes vehicles blocking driveways or parked in locations that are not authorized truck routes or off-street parking areas.

Vehicle owners may be subject to heavy repercussions for illegal parking in the form of impound fee, fines, and/or law enforcement notification depending on the circumstances.

Local police may also tow abandoned cars to free up available street spots as well as maintaining safety protocols.

Towing firms in Tucson must abide by state regulations set forth by The Arizona Department of Public Safety including providing lawful services such as fuel delivery and jumpstarts if related to the vehicle being towed.

Private property owners must notify their local law enforcement department before having a car towed away from their driveway especially when it has been abandoned for an extended period of time before taking action.

Types Of Tow Trucks Available

Different tow trucks are available to accommodate any number of vehicles or circumstances, including flatbed, wheel lift, and integrated tow trucks.

Flatbed Tow Trucks

Flatbed tow trucks, also known as slide trucks, are the most popular type of tow truck used in Tucson. These vehicles feature a hydraulic bed and have low clearance ensuring they are able to navigate even the tightest places.

The vehicle being towed is typically driven onto the platform or pulled onto it by a winch, depending on whether or not it’s operable; this helps prevent unnecessary stress on important engine components that would be experienced if towed from its back wheels.

Once loaded safely with chains for added stability during transit , flatbed towing offers many advantages over driving vehicles; such as no wear and tear on your tires, easy loading/ unloading and can also carry more than one vehicle at once making them especially ideal for long-distance moves.

Wheel Lift Tow Trucks

Wheel Lift Tow Trucks are a type of tow truck equipped with a wheel-lift and hydraulic pulley system, allowing for safer, easier towing and recovery of cars, vans, trucks and other vehicles.

This makes them the preferred choice in difficult locations such as road shoulders or narrow driveways. A Wheel Lift Truck consists of an axle-mounted hydraulically powered lift that can rotate around a horizontal axis – this is why it’s also called a “Pivot Boom.” The tow truck reaches down low enough to be able to hook up on the suspension and frame of any vehicle so that it doesn’t cause any damage during operation.

In addition to regular car recovery services they are especially useful for heavy duty haulage jobs. With their high loading capacities they are enabled for transporting freight from one place to another with ease and without risking potential damage or spillages due to unbalanced loads when loaded incorrectly onto flatbeds or trailers with no wheel lifts attached on them.

Integrated Tow Trucks

The most advanced type of tow truck available is the integrated, or combination, tow truck. These rigs are equipped with both a wheel lift and flatbed in one unit, making them well-suited for towing almost any kind of vehicle—from light-duty cars to heavy-duty trucks or machinery.

Combined units offer several advantages over traditional straight frame models; their multi-function capability provides unmatched flexibility while saving on space and fuel costs.

Not only can they quickly load and unload vehicles needing repair but also maneuver freely in tight spots such as alleys or parking garages that an ordinary flatbed Rig would struggle with.

In addition, rollback beds are typically made from composite material which keeps weight down yet maintains great strength for secure transportations of all kinds of vehicles no matter the size or shape.

Additional Services Offered By Tow Truck Companies In Tucson

Tow truck companies in Tucson provide various additional services such as jumpstarts, lockouts, and fuel delivery to their customers.


Jumpstarting a car is an essential roadside service offered by tow truck companies around Tucson, Arizona. This emergency assistance often helps drivers get back on the road quickly without needing any extensive repairs or expensive tows.

In most cases, all it takes is an available battery and jumper cables to restore power to the dead vehicle battery. A professional tow truck operator can safely hook up the jumper cable ends onto both vehicles’ batteries and ensure that no harm comes to either cars in the process.

As a precautionary measure, it is recommended that people do not attempt jumpstarts if they are unfamiliar with connecting terminals correctly as this could result in serious damage or injury due to electric shock, sparking wires, improper connection of jumpers or faulty batteries/car parts involved in jumping the vehicle.

Additionally, powered sources such as portable generators or other running cars can also be used for jumpstarts; however these require more safety checking before use than standard jumper cables and may even come with special tools designed for certain makes and models of vehicles.


Lockouts are a common occurrence and can be extremely inconvenient when they do happen. In Tucson, several reliable tow truck companies offer lockout services as part of their range of supplemental services.

When you experience a vehicle lockout in Tucson, Arizona, it’s best to call a tow truck company that can arrive quickly with the right tools to unlock your vehicle.

Additionally, many tow trucks companies also typically provide jump starts for dead batteries, tire changes if stuck on the road with a flat tire, fuel delivery if running low on gas, mobile mechanics for any automotive issues encountered while driving such as brakes failure and much more – meaning that when calling these reputable service providers helps ensure you won’t have find yourself stranded alone for too long.

Fuel Delivery

Tow truck companies in Tucson, Arizona provide fuel delivery as one of their additional services. This helps drivers save time and money as they no longer have to interrupt their journeys to find a gas station or risk running out of gas on the highway.

Fuel delivery services are also beneficial for vehicles that require premium or diesel gasoline, which may not be available at every gas station.

Most tow truck companies charge a flat fee for this service, depending on the distance covered by the driver while providing it. Prices can vary from company to company depending on various factors such as waiting times and types of fuel delivered (gasoline, diesel etc).

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