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Best Tow Company Tucson

Best Tow Company Tucson

Are you looking for the best towing company in Tucson, AZ? The tow truck industry has grown significantly due to increased demand from stranded motorists. This blog post will provide insight into some of the top-rated tow companies in Tucson and discuss several factors that one should consider when trying to find a reliable, professional source of towing services.

From competitive rates for roadside assistance and flatbed tow trucks, tips on choosing the best provider near you, your search is about to end – it’s time that you find out which is the best Tow Company Tucson has!

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Tow Company

A tow truck parked on a deserted road at sunset.

Before making a decision, consider important aspects such as the reputation of the towing service, their response time in emergencies, cost of services and the different types of services offered.


When seeking out a tow service for an emergency or routine towing situation, it is important to consider the reliability and reputation of a company. Word-of-mouth reviews from people who have used their services are invaluable as they provide insight into the quality of service provided.

Additionally, online reviews can also give an understanding of how customers feel about the level of customer service and overall experience with a particular tow firm. Poor ratings should be taken seriously as negative experiences may indicate that there could be issues with trustworthiness and professionalism among other things; however, great reviews signify that a company provides excellent service which goes above and beyond expectations in terms of communication skills, responsiveness, pricing fairness, safety measures etc.

It is also prudent to look for established services in Tucson with longstanding ties within the community – this shows they stand by their word while providing reliable quality solutions at reasonable rates on time every time without fail.

Ultimately reputation plays a key role when deciding which tow company you would like to hire so take into account these factors before selecting your provider!

Types of services offered

Different towing companies in Tucson offer a variety of services. From basic roadside assistance and tow truck services to more creative solutions like propane delivery, flat tire repair, and mobile auto detailing.

Depending on your needs – be it emergency road service or a long-distance transport – the right tow company will have the equipment needed for the job. Additionally, many companies also provide car lockouts, out-of-gas refueling and other essential support services.

Consider all these options when choosing a tow company that meets your specific requirements as your automobile’s well-being is important. Some companies even provide junk car removal and auto repair so you don’t have to worry about having multiple contractors should issues arise while transporting your vehicle from one place to another or when it has broken down completely.

Response time

When choosing a tow company in Tucson, response time is of utmost importance. As most people need towing services when they are already dealing with a stressful situation like an emergency breakdown, the faster the response, the more pleased customers will be.

A fast response time can contribute to efficient service and add convenience for customers as it prevents them from spending long periods of waiting or worrying about their vehicle being stranded on the road.

Moreover, swift and timely responses can also help maximize safety. Quick arrival by a qualified crew means getting help quicker, preventing further damage or harm caused by staying too long at untoward places after dark.


When choosing a tow company, it is important to consider their level of availability. A reliable towing service should be readily available and capable of providing swift assistance in emergency scenarios.

Tucson residents rely on the accessibility of tow companies for quick response times when stranded with car issues or other related needs. Aside from their typical operations, many companies also offer additional services such as propane delivery, roadside assistance, junk car removal, auto repair and fuel delivery – all which require fast attention throughout the day at any time that they may be needed.

Considering these aspects, especially with regard to areas surrounding Tucson is extremely important during the selection process when choosing a local tow company that is both dependable and efficient in its offerings.


When deciding which tow company to choose in Tucson, cost is an important factor. Since tow truck equipment and labor can be expensive, the price of a tow service will vary depending on the type of service needed.

The average cost per mile for towing is around $5 – 10 but it can range from $5.50 to $12 per mile. Additionally, the cost for short 5-mile tows tends to start at around $105 whereas long-distance 100-mile tows may reach up to $800 or more depending on the distance traveled and services required.

Furthermore, owning a flatbed Tow Truck could cost between $40,000 – $60,000. It’s essential that customers consider their budget when selecting a tow company as costs may add up if multiple services such as roadside assistance are required simultaneously or over multiple trips.

Additional Services Offered by Towing Companies in Tucson

A tow truck delivers propane to a stranded vehicle on the side of the road.

Not just limited to towing vehicles, many tow companies in Tucson also provide services like propane delivery, roadside assistance, junk car removal, auto repair and fuel delivery.

Propane delivery

Towing companies in Tucson offer propane delivery as an additional service. Propane, or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), can be used as a fuel for cooking, heating and transportation purposes.

It is important for customers to do research on different tow companies when considering propane delivery; potential factors include response time, availability, cost and the reputation of the company itself.

Roadside assistance

Roadside assistance is a critical service offered by many tow companies in Tucson. These services provide drivers with the peace of mind and convenience they need when faced with an emergency on the road.

Services vary, but some of the most common include jump-starts for dead batteries, tire changes to get them back up and running, fuel delivery if you run out while on your journey, short-distance towing in cases where vehicles become unavoidably stranded along their route, vehicle lockouts if you accidentally leave your keys inside your car or lose them entirely, and general mechanical repairs like checking fluid levels.

Junk car removal

Towing companies in Tucson specialize in safely removing and disposing of unwanted vehicles to provide a hassle-free solution for those looking to get rid of their junk cars. From roadside assistance and propane delivery, to auto repair and fuel delivery, tow companies offer complete services that keep drivers safe on the road, while also providing junk car removal.

Fuel delivery

Towing companies in Tucson offer fuel delivery services for stranded motorists in both cars and trucks, providing a convenient solution for refueling vehicles on the go. This service is often available 24-hours a day during emergencies, allowing drivers access to much-needed gas with just one call.

In addition to delivering fuel, these towing companies can also provide important roadside assistance services such as jumpstarts and tire changes. With Tucson offering some of the highest-rated tow truck fleets in the US, customers are ensured timely emergency response when it comes to getting their vehicles back up and running quickly.


Choosing the best tow company in Tucson, Arizona is not an easy task. Ultimately, a reliable and trustworthy tow company that will get you out of a jam is the goal when making your selection.

Also, consider what types of services are offered – from flatbed towing to emergency roadside assistance, vehicle unlocking or even fuel delivery – look for a tow company that offers all these options.

Response time is also important; choose one with fast response times and availability so your needs can be taken care of right away. Lastly, factor in cost as this surely plays into how cost-effective the solution will be for you as well.

Aside from basic towing services many Tucson companies offer additional services such as propane delivery, roadside assistance, junk car removal, auto repair and even fuel delivery if required.

If you’re looking for one of the best tow company Tucson, then check out our services at Towing Tucson! We’re always here for all your towing needs!

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1. What services does the Best Tow Company Tucson offer?

The Best Tow Company in Tucson offers a variety of services including towing, roadside assistance, jump starts, flat tire repair and much more. 

2. Who serves as customers for Best Tow Company Tucson?

Robust customer service from The Best Tow Company in Tucson is offered to individuals, commercial clients and fleets.  

3. Where do the professionals at​Best Tow Company Tucson work out of? 

The team of professionals of The Best Tow company in Tucson serves their communities by operating out locations within Arizona such as Marana, Oro Valley and SaddleBrooke and other surrounding areas.

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